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CTF/NTF guide
Basic advice:

CTF/NTF Tech sheet (description of the gamemode and its features) can be found here : CTF, NTF.

In CTF/NTF, communication is truly important. Therefore, you will need some binds to give crucial information to your team mates. Here is a list of the binds you must have (the console commands are directly given, replace "?" with the key of your choice and place them in your config file).

  • Available item :
    bind ? "say_team ^2Come Get ^7#I;"
  • High/Low/Mid indication (to inform where the enemy flag carrier (EFC) is going or where enemies are coming):
    bind ? "say_team ^0In^1/^0Out ^1HIGH;"
    bind ? "say_team ^0In^1/^0Out ^4LOW;"
    bind ? "say_team ^0In^1/^0Out ^7MID;"
  • Flag drop :
    bind ? "say_team ^7Dropped ^2FLAG ^7for ^3#n; drop flag"
  • Suicide bind. Useful when you want to give a powerup to one of your teammates (regeneration to Flag carrier for example).
    bind ? "say_team ^3Dropped ^7#U; kill"

Some other binds that are useful, but not obligatory.

  • Indicate that a Powerup is about to spawn :
    bind ? "say_team ^5POWERUP SOON"
  • Indicate that you are fully stacked for a massive attack :
    bind ? "say_team ^2R^7eady to ^2A^7ttack;"
  • Useful for defenders and flag carriers when they are surronded by enemy players :
    bind ? "say_team NEED HELP!;"
  • In order to change your class quickly in NTF :
    bind ? "class fighter"
    bind ? "class tank"
    bind ? "class scout"
    bind ? "class sniper"
  • In order to easily change your current team :
    bind ? "team red;"
    bind ? "team blue;"
    bind ? "team s;"

You need to have appropriate behavior. Here are some general tips :

  • When a teammate carries the flag or a Powerup, ALL items are his. Never let a Quad carrier be without ammo. Don`t steal armors, health or PU in front of your PU or flag carrier.
  • Use Quad/Haste for attacking only, not defending. The enemy team will expect you to attack with the PU and prepare a strong attack. Therefore, they won`t attack your base. Defense with Quad or Haste is useless.
  • If you are running the flag during "cross-steals" (when both flags are taken), your first priority is to STAY ALIVE. Don`t try to frag and run away if necessary. Depending on your current situation (armour/health) and your condifence in your aim and movement, drop the flag to a teammate can be a good idea (scout dropping the flag to a tank in NTF per example).
  • When your flag is taken, returning it becomes your main objective. Don`t spam "Come get MegaHealth !" when your team is trying to intercept the flag and communicating EFC position.
  • Quad, Regeneration and Haste respawn every 90 seconds (The first powerups spawn 15-30s into the game, which means between 19:45 and 19:30 on the CPM clock.) Don't show up for the powerups too early, though. If you think your enemy does not have a solid timing on it, you might give it away by showing up too early. It is also unwise to stand at the exact PU spawn location, as this is the first spot enemies will spam.
  • All armours spawn at 25 second intervals. In CTF/NTF the MegaHealth is a so called "simple" MegaHealth, and will spawn every 35 seconds.

These rules are standard guidelines. Sometimes they won`t fit to the current situation, and then you must use common sense to figure out what you ought to do..

General advice for attackers:
  • Leave the ammo, health and armour in your base for defenders and steal the ones found in middle/enemy areas. In NTF never steal ammo or backpacks from your base since this is the only source of ammo for defenders.
  • Use powerups wisely. Attacking with Haste or Quad with only 100 health and no armour is basically handing it over to the enemy. Wait for your teammates and try to stack up on armour and weapons before attacking.
  • Be aware of your teammates' status' (health/armour/PU). It is stupid to grab the flag in front of your 200/200 teammate. If a teammate of yours is carrying the Haste powerup, let him do the flag running. In NTF, let scouts carry the flag. If you accidentally picked up the enemy flag, you can use the /drop flag bind or /kill to drop both the flag and a backpack.
  • On several maps, some useful weapons are far away from your base. If an enemy dies and drops a valuable weapon in your base, leave it for your defenders, so that they won't have to go on a risky excursion to get one.
  • Your main objective is to capture the enemy flag. Don`t go back in your base to chase each enemy you see. If you kill an enemy, he will respawn between his base and mid, so you will probably encounter him again. You can shoot/weaken him, but don't stop moving towards the enemy base. It's usually not a good idea to shoot an enemy that is up close with the Rocket Launcher, and in these situations, the shotgun is a much better choice.
  • When you are carrying the flag, ignore irrelevant enemies. Keep your speed and don`t care about how many enemies are behind you. Avoid running in a straight line, because it makes it easier for the opposing team to aim at you and you are more likely to give away your possible choices of routes. Often quick changes in direction are a smart move, because it will make you a lot more unpredictable, and buy your teammates precious time to block and prevent the enemy chasers from getting to you. You can also mix up enemy communication, if you manage to do such a change in direction unseen.
  • Rocketjumps are your friend. The damage dealt to you by your own rockets is cut in half, and is meager compared to the damage dealt by enemy weaponry. Rocketjumps are a fast way of gaining speed and good attackers will often try to fool the chasing opponents by rocketjumping/dropping down to create a sudden, vertical change in their movement.
  • Never forget that your flag is more important than the enemy flag. If your flag is taken, you must try to intercept the EFC. Your chances of killing the EFC much higher than your chances to steal the enemy flag before the EFC is able to capture. Of course, all this depends on your current position and overall skill. Sometimes going for the enemy flag instead of the EFC might prove to be a better option, as then you grant your teammates more time to return your flag, if you manage to hold the enemy flag long enough.
General advice for defenders:
  • Your main role is to defend the flag, not to frag people. If an attacker is retreating, don`t chase him or your base will be left vulnerable. Don`t worry, you won't lack enemies to kill.
  • Flag defender : You can`t stop all attackers, just remember that your own attackers will try to intercept the EFC. If you forsake your base, even if you return the flag another enemy will be able to steal it easily.
  • 2nd/high def : You must secure middle when your team has stolen the flag, most of the attackers will try to intercept in the middle, this is where your teammate is the most vulnerable. Don`t worry about your base at this point, as it will rarely attacked, and if it is, you are already in middle to try to intercept the EFC.
  • If your flag has been dropped in a difficult or hidden position, DO NOT RETURN IT! Most enemy attackers don`t know where it is or it will be more difficult for them to reach it. This means you will have 30 seconds worth of easy defending, after which the flag will be returned automatically.
  • A good attacker can steal your flag and exit your base really fast, because they know the map, the exact location of the flag is and how to steal it. Any uncertainty has a chance to slow them down because they have to search through all the possible locations.
  • During cross-steals, switch your attention to defending the flag carrier. It is useless to defend the empty flag spot.
  • When a teammate carrying the flag is in your base and has an opportunity to capture, return the flag. Each second that the flag carrier has to wait for the return of the flag, increases the risk of him being fragged. Always be close to him when your team is about to cap to avoid some unnecessary "Holy shit!" moments.
  • When you are waiting in your base with the enemy flag, don't stay in a position where you can't run away from. When an attacker has seen you (and died), change position because he will quickly come back to same location, and most of the time he will have backup.
  • The following is pretty dangerous but can be used with caution. If you are waiting in your base with the enemy flag, you can drop it on the floor. Attackers won't be as numerous as when they are sure that the flag is carried. By picking it up again, they can think that the flag carrier has changed, and its position too. Sometimes the size of the flag allows to hide it completely (whereas flag + carrier is bigger) on the map. This is another tricky way to confuse attackers. But always be sure that you can pick up the flag again before the attackers and NEVER let it stay idle for more than 30 seconds.
CTFS guide

CTFS needs mainly two things, surprise and speed.

Rushing the enemy flag directly after the round start is hard and pretty dangerous, they are waiting for you and, on the first seconds, know when you should arrive.
Then you must wait a bit (moving, of course), try to give a few damage or pushing enemies outside the platform on aerial maps before attacking the flag.
You need to surprise your opponents, that's why, in addition, its truly recommanded to change often direction to be the less predictable than possible.

Likewise, you need to be fast. Attack the flag with speed, and avoid to lose it, with surprise effect, it will gives you precious seconds because your opponents have no speed at this moment.
Given that selfdamage is disabled, use many rocket jumps in order to gain speed and change easily your position.

When defending the flag, BFG is the stronger weapon. A frontal hit can stop the enemy movement and deals 100 damages. Furthermore, BFG shot is really fast (1800 ups) and can quickly catch again the enemy flag carrier.

When you see a teammate trying to run the flag, don't try to run it in the same time and, instead, prepare yourself to slow the enemies which will chase your teammate.

TDM & 2v2 guide

United Kingdom aggnog has done a quite good guide about TDM on ESReality here.
Read it if you want a lot of tips and details.

Let's summarize all of this with a quick shot about TDM.

There is a bind you must have, because TDM needs a good teamplay and weapons are a rare resource. You have to be able to give weapons to your teamates.

bind ? "say_team ^2!! #w for #f;drop"

TDM is almost like duel, and your own behave must be the same, at least. Here are a few important points (those of aggnog guide, but quite shorter).

  1. Like in duel, moving faster will make you stronger. But you need to move in an efficient way, don't try a trick if you're not sure to succeed it, you will lose more time than if you've used the longer one.
  2. When you just respawned, you are 100 health, but consider yourself as if you were only 10, 100 damages are really quick to deal. Then you must escape first and pick some armour and weapons.
    Don't fire with your mg at this moment, it will only inform your opponent that you're an easy frag.
  3. A team doesn't need to have all its players guarding quads before and after the run. Spread your players on the map and keep guarding weapons, major items and respawn spots. If its well done, your team will have the map control and get a huge advantage.
  4. Armour are not only free items dropped on the floor, use them, share them and guard them wisely. Remember that armour respawn more often than weapons (25 sec for armour).
  5. Zone defense is strong way to fight against your opponent. Keeping safe his own resources is a better idea than trying to steal all the other ones because it will turn into many 1v1 instead of a true teamplay.
  6. Plasma gun is not a good weapon. Sure its better then mg, but its hard to really master and usually weaker than other weapons. Don't engage yourself into a fight if you only have it, keep it for defense purposes.
  7. Remember that when you are with LG or RG, enemies can hear you just because of the weapon's noise, then wait or run with another weapon in order to be more discret. Likewise, don't run like a moron around the map using your pummel.

1v1 guide

The main advantage of duel is that it is easier to have an overview of the game since you don't need to focus on multiple opponents. However, you need to be more careful and accurate in your decision-making - each action is important. You can lose a game by commiting just a single error, during a timeframe of 1 or 2 seconds.

In duel, there are 2 main rules:

  • Never die
  • Control the items

Dying is worse than running around with 20 HP because when you spawn:

  • You have just G and MG
  • The enemy can spawnrape you (it depends on the map)
  • The enemy has more time to pick major items
  • The enemy has more time to steal weapons, not a problem with wr 5, but it is with wr 15.
  • Most of the time, you will encounter him with 100/0 or 100/50 with a single weapon whereas he is 150/150 and a full set of weapons.

Consequently, when you think you're at an disadvantage and that you will be fragged during a fight, you must retreat and search for some armour and health and prepare yourself to defend a major item. You have enough weapons to deal damage (whereas after respawn MG isn't that efficient), all the more if you have a railgun, with which you can deal massive damage and keep a great distance.

Don't be predictable, try to know where your opponent is at all times and if he has seen your previous movements. For example, when you use a teleporter, don't just run headlessly after you've taken the teleporter if you're not sure whether the enemy can shoot you. (for example, a typical frag on cpm3a takes place near the high exit of the ra teleporter. One can launch a rocket with precision just by listening to the sound of the teleporter).

Move a lot, change direction, but avoid straight lines and using the same routes all over again, since that will just make you more predictable.

Rocketjumps may prove to be useful, as you can quickly surprise your opponent and deal a lot of damage, but one should them with caution and consideration.

Don't be aggressive if you don't have enough health/armor. Attacking with 100/0 is useless, you will probably be oneshot to death. If the enemy is really close to your spawn location, don't try to pummel him. This will almost always fail, and just running away is a better option most of the time.

Controlling the items is crucial. You will constantly have an armour/health advantage over your opponent and be more resistant to rails and rocket splash, for example. Furthermore, by wearing a red armor, your protection will be 3:1 (75% on the armor and 25% on health) whereas your opponents will be 2:1 or 1:1, this difference has a lot of consequences.

Timing the items precisely is actually hard in CPM since seconds are not displayed on the timer. But you can predict them, you just need to be concentrated.