Hoony mode is a merge of 1v1 and tennis. All in-game behaviour is the same, the only thing changing is what happened when a player is fragged.

When a player is fragged, he doesn't randomly respawn like in 1v1. In Hoony mode, the round end when a (or both) player die and the point is given to the one who's alive and another round begin. Each time, players respawn like they would do on duel, G + MG, 100 Health and no armor. In this way, players restart with the same opportunities instead of beeing raped for all the time remaining.

Spawning spots are not randomly chosen like in duel, this is like in tennis, one have an advantage on the other (equivalent of having the "serve"). It means that each round, a player have a "stronger" spawn and the other a "weaker" spawn and they exchange round after round (weaker, then stronger, then weaker etc.).

Again, like in Tennis, a player needs to have 2 points of lead to win the game. If the score is 5-4, the first needs to score once more to win.
Basicly, the round limit is 5, but it can be changed.

Special Feature :
A player can claim a spawnpoint by moving near it and using the following console command :


Referees can choose spawnpoints for each player by using the following command :

/spawn <PLAYER_ID>

But it is much more fun when spawn points are likely random.