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1 : 1 #161
(Falzzi) guy in a school near my school said that hes gonna kill people in his school tomorrow, he got busted and is now hanging out with the cops :DDDDD
(fptl1ty) hahha
(Pushpabon) Falzzi :DDDDDd
(Pushpabon) explain
(fptl1ty) true Falzzi?
(@svr``) lol
(@svr``) what a noob
(Falzzi) yeah
(Pushpabon) Where did he say it?
(@svr``) he should have just stfu and do it
(fptl1ty) -.-
(Falzzi) he had textmessaged a few people about it
(@svr``) stupid stupid guy
(Falzzi) that hes gonna kill people
(@svr``) lol
(Pushpabon) XD
(@svr``) WAY TO GO
(@svr``) ..
(Pushpabon) lmao