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1 : 0 #249
<voltran> hey TiDaN
<voltran> were you Dan in teh server?
<TiDaN> what? when?
<voltran> today
<voltran> TDM
<TiDaN> I was, yes. Why?
<voltran> TiDaN: just curious
<voltran> TiDaN: you said something about hoens didn't you?
<TiDaN> Yeah lol
<TiDaN> He did some haxx shot
<voltran> really
<TiDaN> a few times actually
<voltran> GOT DEMOZ???
<TiDaN> but you also di[04:01:39] <TiDaN> matt
<TiDaN> [04:01:44] <TiDaN> definitely make bgs smoke weed
<TiDaN> [04:01:47] <TiDaN> and then take him out
<TiDaN> [04:01:53] <TiDaN> and hook him up with a girl
<TiDaN> [04:01:55] <TiDaN> FOR THE LOVE OF GOD
<TiDaN> [04:02:25] <ragefilledmatt> HAHAHA
<TiDaN> [04:02:26] <ragefilledmatt> honestly
<TiDaN> [04:02:27] <ragefilledmatt> :>
<TiDaN> oh shit wrong paste
<ragefilledmatt> lol
<voltran> OMFG
<voltran> HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
<ragefilledmatt> nice recovery
<ragefilledmatt> dan
<ragefilledmatt> trying to play it off as a mistake~
<bgs> ur mean