Posted by Sylver 19:27, 05 Oct 2014

So it’s been a month since the pre-announce and it’s time to assess the situation.

CPM Masters 2014 will take place in full double elimination system, with Qualification stage on 12th & 18th of October, Finals in November.

Given the current amount of donations from the European community equals mighty $50 (thanks to /img/flags/France.png xou for that), with a total of $374 as of 5th of October, the mode for the Cup, for obvious reasons, is 1v1. No suggestions have been made as of now on the map pool, so it is to remain neo-classic.

Tournament System
Tournament system is Full Double Elimination. Finals stage is played out between 16 player slots. Players placed at top 4 places during CPM Masters 2013 are invited directly to the Finals. 4 players are qualified at 12th and 18th of October for a total of 8 players. The last 4 players are invited after the Qualification ends.
Grand Final (for Qualifications and Finals) is best of 5 series with an advantage of 1 map win for the player raising from the winners’ bracket.

cpm3a (WR 15), cpm15 (WR 15), cpm22 (WR 5), cpm24 (WR 5), pukkat2 (WR 5)
Picking rules: Players call heads or tails and call vote ’random 2’ (’cointoss’). Winner of cointoss states his map of choice which is going to be played first and decides who’s going to pick the 2nd map to play. If a tie occurs after 2 maps played, players call vote ’random 2’ again with heads or tails picked. Winner of this cointoss decides who will drop first map remaining in the map pool. Each player drops a map until one map remains to be played.

Server picking rules
Any /img/icons/CPMA.png CPMA 1.48 server with standard settings could be used. The ping difference between players should not be higher than 30. If players can’t agree on suitable server, it is picked by an admin. Once a player gets ready in-game he accepts the server and its settings as they are.

Admin list
The list of the admins, including new candidates, is as follows:
/img/flags/France.png xou
/img/flags/Czech_Republic.png neverGreen
/img/flags/Finland.png gaiia
/img/flags/Russia.png DEZ
/img/flags/Russia.png Godzie
The admins’ list is a subject to edit, with good backed-up reasons to do so.
Regarding the well-noted involvement of zubich in the discussion, his name was never in the pre-announce to begin with. Therefore, zubich is not to be among the Cup admins and he will not take any part in administration of the cup.
Regarding arguable situations: Any arguable situation, if not resolved by the respective players themselves, is to be regulated by admin’s decision, or, if he is subjective for the matter, by a collective decision of all the admins available at the moment.

Prizes and paying out
Distribution of the prize pool is as follows (* for the current amount of funds awarded):

1st: 50% of the total (*~$187)
2nd: 25% of the total (*~$93)
3rd: 15% of the total (*~$56)
4th: 10% of the total (*~$37)

Same as CPM Masters 2013, all rewards will be payed out using PayPal.

Newcomers, experienced players and veterans - all are welcome to participate and fight for the prize!

Donations are accepted via PayPal to from anyone willing to take part or show some support for /img/icons/CPMA.png CPMA CPM. Please include your name in the transfer donation, so that your support could be made known in public.

No broadcasters have currently planned to stream the event. Contact the admins if you want to be the first.

Links: 1st Qualification: Sign-up, Tournament page - 2nd Qualification: Sign-up, Tournament page - /img/icons/mirc.png #masterscup
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