Posted by Sylver 20:38, 22 Sep 2014

TurboPixel, who is developing a CPMA successor called Reflex has started a Kickstarter funding campaign to help them to cover their future needs and allow them to dedicate full-time on the development. They are a small team of 3 devs but they already made a huge and nice job.

You can pledge starting from 1 AUD, but several rewards are given if you exceed specific thresholds, from 10 AUD to 3,000 AUD (such as early access to beta, alpha or prototype version). The pledge can only be made with credit cards on the Kickstarter platform so far since, no PayPal support since it would immediatly transfer the money. The funding aims $360,000 (AUD) and will close on Oct 20 2014 5:43 AM CEST.

/img/flags/Netherlands.png Vo0 has already access to a pre-alpha version and is playing/mapmaking on his /img/icons/twitch.png channel.

Links: Kickstarter page, ESR post