Inspidered from noob.anonymous Wiki.
  1. General rules
  2. Weapons
  3. Items
  4. Powerups
General rules

When a player spawns, he is :

  • 100 Health
  • 0 Armor
  • Gauntlet
  • Machinegun + 50 bullets

When a player is fragged, the limbo time is from 0.5 second to 3.5 seconds (depends on the moment when the player performs an action during the limbo time). He respawns (in version > 1.37) with the "Far half from killer" rule. It means that the respawn spot is randomly selected in the opposite half of the map of where the other player is.
In flag based modes, the players respawn randomly between his own base and the middle of the map.


Here is the list of damages caused by the world.

  • Falling damage
    • 5 damage for soft falls
    • 10 damage for hard ones (fall with high speed per example)
  • Liquid damage
    • Lava : 40 damage/sec
    • Slime : 16 damage/sec
  • Drowning damage
    • Starts after 12 seconds under water
    • Damage is cumulative (4/6/8/10... damage/sec)


Here are the variations of speed.

  • Crouching : max speed = 80 ups
  • Walking : max speed = 160 ups
  • Running : max speed = 320 ups
  • Double jump window : 400 ms

Useful binds

To speak with your team :

/bind ? "messagemode2"

To readyup :

/bind ? "ready"

To unready yourself :

/bind ? "unready"

To kill yourself :

/bind ? "kill"

To start to record the match in the default folder :

/bind ? "autorecord"

Weapons Guide

Differences of weapons from Quake 3 Arena or QuakeLive are part of CPM gameplay, CPM is quicker and harder (don't forget that you spawn with 100/0 only).

The switch from a spawn weapon (most of the time, G or MG) to another weapon is 200ms.

This time of switch is null for the first weapon you grab, you can use it immediatly.

Packs contain current weapon and max of one box of ammo for each weapon in DM, and one "loadout" (the weapon's initial ammo count) for each in team games.

Here is the list of weapons properties.

Gauntlet (G)
Damage: 50 damage/pummy
Knockback: 50%
Range: 32 units
Reload: 400ms
Machinegun (MG)
Damage: 5 damage/shot
Knockback: Normal
Spread: 100% (5 units)
Rate of fire: 10 shots/sec
Initial: 50
Box: 25
Max: 200
Shotgun (SG)
Damage: 6/pellet, 16 pellets
Knockback: 33%
Spread: 900 units (non-random)
Reload: 950 ms
Initial: 5
Box: 5
Max: 25
Grenade Launcher (GL)
Damage: 100/direct hit
Splash radius: 150 units
Knockback: Normal
Reload: 800 ms
Velocity: 800 ups
Fuse: 2 s
Initial: 5
Box: 5
Max: 25
Rocket Launcher (RL)
Damage: 100/direct hit
Splash radius: 120 units
Knockback: 100%
Reload: 800 ms
Velocity: 1000 ups
Initial: 5
Box: 5
Max: 25
Lightning Gun (LG)
Damage: 10/shot
Range: 768 units
Knockback: 150%
Reload: 66 ms (100 ms cooldown)
Initial: 50
Box: 50
Max: 150
Rail Gun (RG)
Damage: 80/hit
Knockback: 100%
Reload: 1250ms
Initial: 5
Box: 5
Max: 25
Plasma Gun (PG)
Damage: 18/direct hit
Splash radius/damage: 20 units/15 damage
Knockback: 100%
Velocity: 2000 ups
Rate of fire: 10/sec
Initial: 100
Box: 50
Max: 100
Damage: 100/hit
Knockback: 100%
Reload: 1250ms
Velocity: 1800 ups
Initial: 5
Box: 5
Max: 25
Grappling Hook (GH)
No damage
Can't hook a player
Infinite ammo
Range: 1800 (default)
Hook speed: 2000ups
Given max speed: 666 ups
Hooking duration: 3s
Items Guide

Green Health (GH)
Gives 5 health
Max health: 100
Respawn time: 30s
Yellow Health (YH)
Gives 25 health
Max health: 100
Respawn time: 30s
Red Health (RH)
Gives 50 health
Max health: 100
Respawn time: 30s
Mega Health (MH)
Gives 100 health
Max health: 200
Respawn time: see bellow
Armor Shard
Gives 5 armor
Max armor: 200
Respawn time: 25s
Green Armor(GA)
Gives 50 armor
Max armor: 100
Respawn time: 25s
Protects: 1:1 (armor/health)
Yellow Armor (YA)
Gives 100 armor
Max armor: 150
Respawn time: 25s
Protects: 2:1 (armor/health)
Red Armor (RA)
Gives 150 armor
Max armor: 200
Respawn time: 25s
Protects: 3:1 (armor/health)

3:1 armour protection means that when 1 unit of damage is dealt to health, 3 are absorbed by armour.

In CPM, armour have specials rules :

  • The type of the armour you have just picked set your current armour status, you can't pick a lower armor :
    • If you pick a YA, you have a "YA status" and you can pick a GA only if you are <75 armor.
    • If you pick a RA, you have a "RA status" and you can pick a YA only if you are <133 armor.
  • Armour decays only in Clan Arena (CA)

Armor shards are not affected by these rules, they just can't give more than 200 armour. It means that armour status is not changed when you pick some armor shards.

To summarize, here is a picture explaining the behaviour of differents kinds of armor.


Health decays when it is over 100, 1 health unit/second.

There are two types of Mega Health :

  • Normal MegaHealth : 20 seconds after wear off (i.e. after player health drops to 100) (CTF and duel only)
  • Simple MegaHealth : 35 seconds

PowerUps Guide

Quad Damage (Quad)
Damages *4
Respawn time: 90s
Regeneration (Regen)
+5 health/second (max 200)
Respawn time: 90s
Haste (Haste)
25% boost on base speed and dragpoint
Respawn time: 90s
BattleSuit (BS)
Protection at 75% + ignores splash damage
Respawn time: 180s (Quad time *2)
Player is invisible (a single blured skull is visible)
Respawn time: 180s (Quad time *2)

The first PU spawns after 15-30 seconds (randomly).

The first PUs are synchronized.

If you use /kill with a PU, time remaining is penalized (2500 ms).

Total time is 30 seconds. If you pick a second PU of the same type, effects are not added, only the time remaining is increased (per example, 10 sec Regen + 30 sec Regen => 40 sec Regen).