1v1, a.k.a Duel or Tournament, is the standard gamemode of Quake. It's probably the most played since it needs only 2 players.

1v1 matches are 10 minutes long, if players are tie after 10 mins, an overtime of 2 minutes is added. A new overtime will be added until a player take the lead.

1v1 can be played on every maps but, obviously, the bigger the map is, the more boring the match will be.

All weapons are used in duel except the BFG. Although, it depends on the map. Per example, there is no railgun on CPM24.

Weapon respawn is 5 or 15 seconds, it depends on the map. But if you want to change it, you can callvote it.

/cv wr 5

Health and armour time are, most of the time, standard. But there are few exceptions, per example q3tourney4 mega is 120 seconds.

The most played maps are :

Aerowalk (CPM22)
Use and abuse (CPM3a)
Phrantic (CPM24)
Wicked (Decker Remix) (CPM1a)
Patibuh's lair (CPM15)
Evolution (PUKKA3TOURNEY2)
Q3Amphi (Q3AMPHI)
CPU (CPU1b2)