Freeze Tag is a kind of TDM with round, but players are not fragged, but frozen. It means that when a player lose all of his life, he can't play anymore on the current round UNLESS if another player of his team defreeze him. When a team freeze the entire enemy team, it wins a point and another round begin. But, in contrary to the others round based gamemodes, the winning team doesn't respawn, it is in the exactly same state than at the end of the previous round. Frozen players need to be defrozen. It means that when a team wins a round, it is in a weaker position than the other, according to the number of available players. That's why most of the time, blue scores, then red, then blue etc.

When a player respawns (end of a lost round or defrozen), he restarts with 100/25, G, MG, SG and PG. Except for the first round where all players are full weapons.

Once again, there are two kinds of scores. Team score is calculated with the number of rounds won.
Player score is calculated with the number of kill and the "action of defreeze".

To defreeze a teammate, you need to place yourself close to the target and move. You will hear the sound of the model. Every two sounds (they need to be closed), you earn a point. If you perform it 4 times, you defreeze the player and he respawn randomly on the map. Beware that if you perform the task 2 times, you leave, and restart, then leave etc, the player won't be defrozen, you will just win points (this is a way to farm points, but it won't help your team to win).

Defreeze teammates is just crucial because even if you win the round, they will ALL respawn, but your frozen mates won't. Then you need to defreez them quickly in order to be with the same number of players.

Like in TDM, weapons, health, armors and PUs are placed on the map, but weapon respawn is 5 or 15 seconds (and not 30).

Be aware that PUs effect are removed at the end of a round. If you pick the Quad and you kill the last enemy, the next round will start but you wan't hold Quad anymore. Then use PUs with caution. Don't pick a PU when there is only an opponent alive (or just when you are the last alive too).

FT is 20 minutes long and overtime is set to 5 minutes.