CTF is the more famous flag based mode. The goal is to steal the enemy flag in the opposite base and to bring it back to your own base. If your flag is on his spot and if you bring the enemy flag on it, then the enemy flag is captured and your team gains a point. If your flag has been stolen too, your team has to return it to your base by killing his carrier and touching it once it isn't hold by a player (and the flag is directly returned to your base).

To have a chance to win, the team needs to be organized. CTF is often played with 8 players (4 per team). 2 are defendors, near to the flag, the second one on a high position. The 2 remaining players are attackers. The behaviour you must have is described in the CTF/NTF Guide.

Weapons and items are standard except for the MH, which is "Normal". It means that it respawns 20 seconds after it is weared of (when health come back to 100).

CTF Maps have at least a PU (Quad or Haste) and maximum three (two Regen in each base). Their time is standard.

When you pick a flag, your speed is affected. Flag weight is 50% of your "top" speed (the speed in addition to the basic 320 ups). It means that you will never be under 320 ups.
Per example, if you pick the flag with a speed of 640 ups, 640-320 = 320, 50%*320 = 160 => Your velocity with flag will be 640-160 = 480 ups.
Let's note that Haste only negates flag weight, he doesn't boost you.
Beware of the flag weight on aerial maps, the speed given by the pads will be lower than usual and you will probably miss the remote platform and die with the flag.

In CTF, there are two kind of scores.

  • Team score : Number of captures
  • Player score : Each player has a score depending on the actions he has done.

Player score is calculated is this way :

  • Simple frag : +1
  • Return the flag : +1
  • Defense : You fragged the enemy who was attacking your flag in your base. +2
  • Defense : You fragged the enemy who was attacking the Flag Carrier of your team (even if you are the Flag Carrier). +3
  • Assist : You have returned your flag, allowing to capture the enemy flag. +4
  • Capture : You have captured the enemy flag. +5
  • Suicide or team kill : -1

CTF is 20 minutes long and overtime is Sudden Death, it means that the first team which capture the flag win the game.

The most played maps are :

Spider Crossings (Q3WCP9)
Camper Crossings (Q3WCP14)
Gothic_Block! (CPMCTF2)
Japanese Castles (Q3WCP1)
Shinning Forces (Q3WCP5)
Des Hertogens Hove(Q3WCP22)