CTFS is based on the same concept than CTF, except it's played with rounds. Each round, a team has to defend his flag and the other has to steal the flag and to bring it back in his base.

There are no items/health/armor in CTFS, when you spawn you are 100/150 and full weapon.
By the way, most of the time, Lightning gun and Railgun are disabled while BFG is enabled. To perform this change, use these commands :

/cv item -lg
/cv item -rg
/cv item +bfg

Selfdamage can be disabled, the game is faster when you can rocket jump whenever you want.

/cv selfdamage false

Likewise, you can just callvote a special submode of CTFS, which is CTFSPUB. It has the previous changes.

/cv mode CTFSPUB

Like in CTF, there are two kind of scores. Player score is the same than CTF, but team score is different given that the game conditions are completely differents.

  • Fail +0
  • Touch : The flag is just touched, but not brought back to the base, +1
  • Elimination : All the enemy team is eliminated, +2
  • Capture : The flag is captured. +3

Basically, score limit is set to 15 and the game is played with 6 players.

The most played maps are :

The Vast and Furious (Q3WCP23)
Space CTF (Q3CTF4)
Across Space (Q3TOURNEY6_ctf)
Divided Crossings (Q3WCP17)
Coral CTF (Q3WCP16)
Silly Shootings (Q3WXS2)
Gothic_Block! (CPMCTF2)
Silly Railings (Q3WXS1)
OJFC Map pack