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  1. Network Settings
  2. CPMA Colors
  3. Chat Tokens
  4. Player Model & Color Cvars
  5. Audio Cvars
  6. General Cvars
  7. Bitmask
Network Settings

Here are the recommended values for new players which want to start quickly with decent settings.

rate 25000
cg_optimiseBW 1
cg_nudge 0
cg_xerpClients 0/1  // which ever you like best
cg_lagHax -1
cl_maxpackets 125
cl_packetdup 1      // depending on your amount of packet loss
cl_timenudge 0
cg_predict 1
cg_predictItems 1   // 0 if you get false pickups
//snaps not in config at all

cg_lagHax <-1|0> (default = -1)

A combination of adaptive prediction and an updated version of the famous "50ms hack" we introduced way back in 99v6 that also does small amounts of lag compensation. Capped at 100ms no matter what: this is intended solely to make European / EastUS v WestUS / etc games a bit less of a hassle, not to hack dialup players into aimgods at the expense of everyone else. 0 disables it, -1 means "as much as I'm allowed": it's naturally adaptive. You'll lose some of your "feel" for lag, which messes up your RL aim, etc. This doesn't suffer from the CS/etc problems of "total BS" shots that piss everyone off; it's not trying to be some panacea for modemers; and I'm honest enough to call it the hack that it is instead of pretending that it magically makes lag suddenly not exist, but all in all it's a pretty nice end result. If you use this, any form of nudging will generally make you LESS accurate if your ping's under 100ms, because it'll screw up the adaptive calculations.

cg_nudge <value> (default = 0)

An updated and much improved version of id's crippled cl_timenudge. Allows you to use nudges beyond -25, and automatically adjusts them to your ping: if you use -50 with a 20 ping, you get -20. If you spike to 40ms for a few seconds, you get -40 during the spike. This give you a "consistent worldview" that cl_timenudge can't, and generally helps regardless of your connection.

cg_optimiseBW <#bitmask> (default = 0)

  1. Significantly reduces the amount of non-critical data sent to you. Small price to pay though for the HUGE difference it makes to team games. Servers can, and by default do, force this on for all clients. It's probably worth setting it to 1 anyway though, just in case you end up on a server that's changed it to 0.

  2. Use this if your connection is UTTERLY starved for upstream bandwidth (i.e. from you TO the server). Essentially, if you're on dialup or one of those Belgian Warp connections. Understand that if you're warpy and you choose to NOT set this because you like the advantage you get from warping, you're screwing YOURSELF. Your shots will end up with potentially huge random delays on them, so even if you're LPB the server may not see that you fired until up to 100ms after the fact, effectively making your weapons act like you have an unstable and much laggier connection, and without cg_nudge's ability to smooth it out.

cg_predict <0|1|2> (default = 1) 

Replaces cg_nopredict

  1. off
  2. normal
  3. optimised

The normal prediction path is extremely slow at times (notably around curves) and can cost you 100fps on a GHz machine. This new scheme is MUCH faster, but slightly more prone to errors. Oddly enough, it's still more accurate than the original id prediction code (i.e. before the CPMA fixes). If you have a slow machine, it's definitely worth trying. Note that cg_predict 2 was introduced 9 Sep 2002, the definition of a "slow machine" has changed since then. Today's computers will not notice any difference at all. Note: Do not use cg_predictItems 1 with cg_predict 2.

cg_predictItems <0|1> (default = 1) 

Toggle client-side item prediction. 0 option to not do local prediction of item pickup. If you get many false pickups (due to lag, packetloss or high ping) you should definitely use 0. It's annoying when the client predicts that you picked up RL, only to notice a bit later that you did not pick up anything. Note: Do not use cg_predictItems 1 with cg_predict 2.


Does not exist in CPMA - see cg_xerpClients instead.

cg_xerpClients <-1|0|1> (default = 0)

A replacement for id's cg_smoothclients that does something useful. :)

  1. Hacked extrapolation: intended for HPBs This smooths players out when you use high timenudges, at the cost of some accuracy. It's typically easier to hit a smooth target that's a few pixels misplaced than it is to hit one that looks like it's teleporting all over the map, so this combined with cg_nudge is the best option for HPBs.
  2. No extrapolation. Fine you're LPB.
  3. id's smoothclients: fine if you have cg_nudge 0, worthless otherwise. Note that prediction errors, such as players in walls, are likely to occur. Tends to increase how much other players warp to you. Use at your own risk.

cl_maxpackets <30-125> (default = 63) 

The higher value, the more correct info you send to the server and the more you will hit and the less you will warp - set as high as your connection allows.

cl_packetdup <value> (default = 1) 

Set to 0 if your connection is fine - set higher if you experience much packet loss.

cl_timenudge <value> (default = 0) 

This still exists in CPMA, but should always be 0 unless you're so used to "normal" Q3 netcode that you've become dependent on it. All it really does now is mess up the automatic adaptive nudges.


snaps should NOT be set in your config. CPMA adjusts snaps value according to the server's sv_fps value. If you join a sv_fps 20 server your snaps get set to 20, if you join a sv_fps 30 server your snaps get set to 30 etc...

cl_allowDownload <0|1> (default = 0)

Toggle downloading of pk3 files from servers. Should be left at 0 as you rarely reach high download speeds.

CPMA colors

CPMA uses a-y to display colors, with a-x being an HSV table and y being white.
CPMA uses a-z and 0-7. Colors can be used in \name, \nick, \ch_crosshairText, \say_team, \say_teamnl \ch_crosshairColor and several others. Following line can be used to get an overview of available colors

\say_teamnl ^AA^BB^CC^DD^EE^FF^GG^HH^II^JJ^KK^LL^MM^NN^OO^PP^QQ^RR^SS^TT^UU^VV^WW^XX^YY^ZZ^00^11^22^33^44^55^66^77

That will probably look like that :
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Chat tokens

You can use any number of chat tokens in binds. Would recommend adding [#H/#A] #U to all binds where team mates need to know your current condition - for instance "say_team ^3Need Weapon! ^5[#H/#A] #U". But do NOT overdo it as excessive use of tokens can easily cause information overload. For instance, CTF high/low binds should be as simple as possible. The location of EFC is of must importance and your own health/armor/weapon/pu/etc nearly irrelevant. It is also recommended that you use say_teamnl (no location) in cases where your own location is irrelevant.

 #A - Armor

Current Armor level. #a (lower case) does not change color according to Armor level.

say_team "Hurting bad - #H/#A" 

 #C - Corpse

The location where you last died.

say_team "Overrun at #C" 

 #D - Damaged by

The last player to score a hit on you.

say_team "#D is heavily armed! RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!" 

 #E - Enemy presence

Detailed information on all enemies in your FOV. "2 enemies", "EFC", "Enemy QUAD plus 1", etc >

 #F - nearest Friendly player's \name

Not the same as #N which uses \nicks when available. It's recommended to use #N instead of #F.

 #H - Health

Current Health level. #h (lower case) does not change color according to Health level.

say_team "Hurting bad - #H/#A" 

 #I - nearest Item

Shows the nearest "significant" (weapon, armor, powerup, or MH) available item, including dropped items.

say_team "#I available"  

 #L - Location

Many maps have terrible target_location entities e.g. PG on PRO-Q3DM6 shows as YA. This shows the nearest "significant" item spawn (weapon, armor, powerup, flag or MH), whether the item is there or not.

say_team "Took/waiting for #L"

 #M - aMMo wanted

Lists all types of ammo for weapons you have that are empty or nearly so.

say_team "Need #M"  

 #N - nearest team mate's \nick

Uses your nearest team mate's \name should he not have set his \nick. It's recommended to use #N instead of #F.

bind ? "say_team drop; Dropped weapon for #N" 

 #P - last Pickup

say_team "Took #P" 

 #S - item in Sights

Item that you are aiming at directly. Distance to the item is irrelevant.

 #T - Target

The last player you hit.

say_team "#T is weak - finish him!" 

 #U - powerUps

Powerups you carry - Includes flags.

 #W - Weapon

#w (lower case) does not change color according to Ammo level. Lists the current weapon and ammo you have.

say_team "Need weapon! I only have #W" 

Player Model & Color Cvars

Here are the recommended values for new players which want to start quickly with decent settings.

model mynx/pm            // or any other /pm model
color nnyny              // or any other color combo - railcore-helmet-shirt-legs-spiral
cg_forcemodel 1
cg_forceColors 1
cg_enemyModel keel/pm    // or any other /pm model
cg_enemyColors iiiii     // or any other color combo - railcore-helmet-shirt-legs-spiral
cg_deadBodyDarken 1
cg_showPlayerLean 0

color <string> (default = nnyny) 

Colour string characters 0-9 and a-z First # is your Railcore color Second # is your Helmet/Visor color Third # is your Shirt Color Fourth # is your Legs Color Fifth # is your Rail Spiral Color This also affects your team mates' color if you use cg_forceColors 1.

cg_deadBodyDarken <0|1> (default = 1) 

Darkens players as soon as they become corpses.

cg_enemyColors <string> (default = "iiiiii") 

Formatted as RHBLX, same as \color. Requires a PM cg_enemymodel - eg cg_enemyModel sarge/pm.

cg_enemyModel <modelname> (default = "sarge/pm" )

Setting this will force all players on the enemy team to appear to have this model. PM model highly recommended.

cg_forceColors <0|1> (default = 0) 

Force your team to use the same color as you. PM model and cg_forceModel 1 recommended.

cg_forceModel <0|1> (default = 0) 

Force your team to use the same model as you. PM model and cg_forceColors 1 recommended.

cg_showPlayerLean <0|1> (default = 1) 

Allows the disabling of viewed model leaning that was introduced in the 1.27x patches. 0 is more accurate in regards to hitboxes.

model <modelname> (default = "mynx/pm" ) 

Your model. It is highly recommended that you choose a pm model - eg model mynx/pm. This also affects your team mates' models if you use cg_forceModel 1.

Audio Cvars

Here are the recommended values for new players which want to start quickly with decent settings.

cg_ammoWarning 1
cg_nochatbeep 1
cg_nohitbeep 0
cg_noTaunt 1
cg_noteamchatbeep 0
cg_oldCTFSounds 2
s_ambient 0
s_announcer hellchick

cg_ammoWarning <0|1> (default = 1) 

Toggles the "click" sound - the visual effect can be changed in Custom_HUDs config.

cg_nochatbeep <0|1> (default = 0) 

Allows client to suppress "beeps" heard during normal chat messages - especially convenient when connected to spam-riddled GTV servers.

cg_nohitbeep <0|1> (default = 0) 

Disable hit beep (some like it for LG).

cg_noTaunt <0|1> (default = 1) 

Disable all taunts, not just voicechat ones.

cg_noteamchatbeep <0|1> (default = 0) 

Allows client to suppress "beeps" heard during team chat messages.

cg_oldCTFSounds <0|1|2> (default = 2) 

  1. TA sounds, with voiceovers on captures, flag pickups, ete
  2. Near-worthless Q3 1.17 sounds, same for both teams
  3. Team-specific sounds, no voiceovers

Also controls non-leadchange FTDM end-of-round announcements.

s_ambient <0|1> (default = 1) 

Disable ambient sounds like the gongs on q3wcp2 and the void/wind/water background noise on a ton of maps.

s_announcer <string> (default = feedback) 

Set to hellchick for alternative game feedback sounds - requires \snd_restart. If using Challenge Q3 executable you can set s_announcer 0 to remove all announcer sounds. Not recommended for original quake3.exe which plays sound/feedback/hit.wav.

General Cvars
cg_altLightning <string> (default = 0) 

Switch between various LG shaft visuals. Example: cg_altLightning 032. First # is player lightning. Second # is enemy lightning. Third # is team mate lightning. First # is default for enemy and team mate lightning if not specified.

  1. Original (pre-TA) id LG beam
  2. CPMA lightning
  3. Thin lightning
  4. Lightning using 1.44 render

cg_altPlasma <0|1|> (default = 0) 

  1. Original id plasma
  2. CPMA plasma

cg_autoAction <#bitmask> (default = 0) 

Perform game actions such as demo recording and screenshots.

  1. save stats to a local text file at the end of a match logs are stored in: <cpma_root>/stats/<date>/<logname>.txt.
  2. take an end-of-game screenshot.
  3. record a demo of the game. Requires warmup to be on, i.e. \ready. It will NOT trigger if you join a game that has already started (or you got disconnected). In those cases you should use \autorecord.
  4. multiview the game. This also works for GTV even if left unattended! PLEASE use it GTV admins. If put in gtv.cfg the gtv just has to be connected to the q3server, there is NO need for a camera guy as the MV will start once players ready up!
  5. only do these things if you're actually playing in the game.
  6. follow power up. Take a look at Demo Playing.
  7. follow killer.

cg_brasstime <millisec> (default = 2500) 

Controls the time shell casings being discharged from MG+SG are visible.

cg_damageDraw <0|1> (default = 1) 

Obscure player's vision with blood effect when they are hit.

cg_drawGun <0|1|2> (default = 2) 

Toggles the gun being drawn.

  1. gun off
  2. gun on
  3. gun on, no sway

cg_fallKick <0|1> (default = 1) 

Toggles the screen bouncing when player falls.

cg_fov <0-130> (default = 102) 

Field of view. Higher values give better peripheral vision while lower values give better frontal vision.

cg_gibs <0|1> (default = 1) 

Gibs and blood splatter effect.

cg_gunOffset [x,y,z] (default = "") 

Moves gun along x,y,z axis. Valid x,y,z values are -9 to 9, for instance cg_gunOffset 5,-9,9.

cg_itemFX <#bitmask> (default = 7) 

Control the cutesy gimmicks on cg_simpleitems 0 items. With cg_simpleitems 1 the only difference is flags as they have no simple model.

  1. bob up and down
  2. rotate (asymmetric items will always rotate)
  3. scale up on respawn

cg_lightningImpact <0|1> (default = 0) 

Draw the "glowing ball" at the end of the shaft.

cg_marks <millisec> (default = 2500) 

Duration marks after explosions are visible.

cg_muzzleFlash <0|1> (default = 1) 

Specifies if there is a muzzle flash when gun is fired.

cg_noAmmoChange <0|1> (default = 1) 

Disables the ability to switch to a weapon that doesn't have any ammo - useful for multiple-weapon binds.

cg_nomip <#bitmask> (default = 1023 - all r_picmip 0) 

Allows changing graphics to picmip 0 setting, regardless of current r_picmip setting. Changes require vid_restart.

  1. Lightning
  2. Plasma
  3. Rocket and Grenade explosions
  4. Grenades (the grenade ITSELF, not the same as 4)
  5. Bullets (machinegun and shotgun)
  6. Railgun
  7. BFG
  8. Blood
  9. Smoke
  10. Rockets (the projectile, not the same as 4)

cg_noProjectileTrail <0|1> (default = 0) 

Removes underwater bubble trails from weapon fire.

cg_railstyle <0 to 7> (default = 5) 

Changes the style of the rail trail.

  1. no trail
  2. straight core (line) only
  3. spiral only, no core
  4. spiral with straight core
  5. dotted core only
  6. original id style
  7. spiral with dotted core
  8. everything

cg_railCoreWidth (default = 2) 

Width of the Core. BaseQ3 r_rail* cvars are now obsoleted.

cg_railRingWidth (default = 8) 

Width of the Rings. BaseQ3 r_rail* cvars are now obsoleted.

cg_railRingStep (default = 32) 

Distance between Rings. BaseQ3 r_rail* cvars are now obsoleted.

cg_railTrailTime (default = 400) 

Rail time in milliseconds. BaseQ3 r_rail* cvars are now obsoleted.

cg_shadows <0|1> (default = 1) 

Player shadows.

cg_simpleitems <0 to 1> (default = 0) 

Simple 2d items. Values between 0 and 1 change the size of the icons

cg_smoke_SG <0|1> (default = 1) 

Controls the smoke on the shotgun blast.

cg_smokeRadius_GL <value> (default = 8) 

Controls the size of the smoke trail for grenades.

cg_smokeRadius_RL <value> (default = 12) 

Controls the size of the smoke trail for rockets.

cg_trueLightning <-1.0 to 1.0> (default = 0.75) 

  1. No LG beam. Impact rendered pure client side.
  2. Default LG feedback as seen in baseq3.
  3. Pure client side rendering of LG beam and impact.

Fractional positive values - Mix between server and client rendering of LG beam and impact.
Fractional negative values - Mix between server and client rendering of LG impact. No LG beam.
Note that LG impact requires cg_lightningImpact 1.

cg_useScreenShotJPEG <0|1> (default = 1) 

Whether cg_autoaction 2 uses tga or jpg format.

cg_viewAdjustments <0|1> (default = 0) 

Replaces and unifies cg_run* and cg_bob* which are all deleted.

ch_playerNames <0|1> (default = 0) 

Display player names above model heads. Only works during demo playback.

com_blood <0|1> (default = 1) 

Show blood when players are hit.

com_hunkmegs <value> (default = 64) 

Amount of RAM allocated to q3. Generally set to 2/3 of your available memory but anything above 256 is plenty.

com_maxfps <value> (default = 85) 

Fps cap. Unlike BaseQ3, movement in CPMA is not dependant on FPS. You will jump just as high/far with 30fps as with a million fps. Set to 125 or your monitor's maximum display refresh.

r_mode <value> (default = 4, 800x600) 

Controls game resolution. Type \modelist in console to see exactly what mode each number means. r_mode -1 enables custom resolution.

r_customHeight <value> 

Game resolution Height when r_mode -1 is used. For instance r_customWidth 1680, r_customHeight 1050.

r_customWidth <value> 

Game resolution Width when r_mode -1 is used. For instance r_customWidth 1680, r_customHeight 1050.

r_dynamiclight <0|1> (default = 1) 

Toggles dynamic lights.

r_displayRefresh <value> (default = 0) 

Display refresh rate. Set as high as your monitor supports.

r_ext_max_anisotropy <value> (default = 16) 

Anisotropic filtering - Challenge Q3 executable only

r_ext_multisample <value 2^n> (default = 4) 

Anti-aliasing - Challenge Q3 executable only

r_fastsky <0|1> (default = 0) 

Toggle fast sky.

r_gamma <0.5 to 3> (default = 1) 


r_intensity <1.0 to infinity> (default = 1.0) 

Intensity of texture colors.

r_mapoverbrightbits <value> (default = 2)

Brightens or darkens the map. Players use values from 1 to 5 depending on the look they want.

r_picmip <0-16> (default = 1) 

Texture detail. Lower value equals higher detail.

r_swapInterval <0|1> 

Vertical Synchronisation.

r_textureMode <value> (default = GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST) 

Texture Filter.

r_vertexlight <0|1|2> (default = 0) 

  1. Don't use vertexlight
  2. Use vertexlight
  3. Use vertexlight and enable dlights on various objects like flag carriers (in vq3, has no effect in cpm) - requires r_dynamiclight 1.


The bitmask principle is actually quite simple once you understand it. cg_nomip is used as example.

cg_nomip  (default = 1023 - all r_picmip 0)

Allows changing graphics to picmip 0 setting, regardless of current r_picmip setting. Changes require a vid_restart. The parameter for this setting is a bitmask:

  1. Lightning
  2. Plasma
  3. Rocket and Grenade explosions
  4. Grenades (the grenade ITSELF, not the same as 4)
  5. Bullets (machinegun and shotgun)
  6. Railgun
  7. BFG
  8. Blood
  9. Smoke
  10. Rockets (the projectile, not the same as 4)

You add the numbers of the items you want enabled.

  • Lightning (1) only = cg_nomip 1
  • Plasma (2) only = cg_nomip 2
  • Lightning (1) and Plasma (2) = cg_nomip 3 (1+2)
  • Lightning (1), Plasma (2), BFG (64), Smoke (256) = cg_nomip 323 (1+2+64+256)