Posted by Sylver 07:35, 08 Apr 2014

After the success of Draft Punk Get Lucky (big shoutout to players, and admins) we would like to bring forward the second installment Draft Punk, aptly titled One More Time! This will be a one day, single elimination, draft style, NTF tournament. Please note we have set a cap of 48 players, and that sign-ups will be on a first come, first serve basis, anyhow, here is the information:

Players list: Current players list

Please note the following changes: This will be a single elimination tournament;The Draft and the Tournament will occur on the same day; and,There is a hard-cap of 48 players, on a first come, first server basis. Players can continue to sign-up, and maybe required as a substitute for an unavailable player.

Captains list
* Denotes captains who are on standby. These players will be captains if required, say for example if we have more players sign-up, or if another captain drops out.

Tournament Information
The selection process draft will commence at 16:00 CEST, 26 April 2014, and the tournament will proceed at 18:00 CEST, 26 April 2014.

Sign-up procedure
Players will sign up to be eligible for the Live Draft, from today, until the draft starts, or April 26, 2014, from which the admins will select the captains. The captains will be picked on skill, and experience, and they will select their teams from the remaining player base.
To sign up for the Live Draft, please contact /img/flags/Germany.png nekon, or /img/flags/Canada.png xerosawyer, via #DraftPunk, on, or via email to
Please include your alias, location, and position of play (attack, defence, class?).

The Draft
Check-in for the Draft begins at 15:00 CEST, 26 April 2014, ending by 16:00 CEST, 26 April 2014. This is the mandatory check-in process.
All players who wish to play must be signed up ahead of time, and must be check-in via IRC. Players who sign, and do not attend the Live Draft, will not be eligible to play!
The pre-selected captains will have voice (“+”) in the channel, and the channel will be moderated. Each captain will have setup their own IRC channel, and once selected by a captain, the player MUST go to that captain’s channel. Captains communicate with admins and schedule games with other captains.

The Tournament: The tournament will commence on 18:00 CEST, 16 April 2014.
The Format: This tournament will be a double elimination bracket, where each game is a best out of three. The Grand Finals will consist of two sets, each being a best out of three.
The format of this tournament will be 5v5, however, each team will also carry one substitutes, for a total of six players. Teams are encouraged to allow all players for a chance to compete, or and to remember that they can use their substitute player as a coach.
Map Selection: Teams will flip a coin-toss (/callvote random 2) for first pick, the loser will select the second map. For the third map, the team who selected the second map will drop the first map, and the team who picked the first map, will select the final map drop. So, (1) Pick, (2) Pick, (2) Drop, (1) Drop.
Servers: Teams are encouraged to play on a server that is best for the greatest amount of players, for example, if there are two teams that composed of six Europeans, and two North Americans, then it is strongly suggested that they play on a European server. However, teams are permitted to resolve these issues via alternative means, so long as both teams are both teams are agreeable.
All servers are to use NTF rules.
Cheating: All forms of cheating (aimhack, wallhack, aliasing) are prohibited, and will result in an immediate ban, and replacement.
Rule interpretation: Admins have final say over the interpretation of the rules, and can unilaterally enforce a course of action if it has not been explicitly covered in the rules.

15:00 CEST, 26 April 2014 : Check-In Opens
16:00 CEST, 26 April 2014 : Check-In Closes / Draft Selection Begins
18:00 CEST, 26 April 2014 : Round One
19:15 CEST, 26 April 2014 : Round Two
20:30 CEST, 26 April 2014 : Finals