Posted by Sylver 22:13, 01 Aug 2012

/img/flags/Czech_Republic.png neverGreen from /img/icons/mirc.png #cpmduel channel brings you the 11th /img/icons/CPMA.png challenge promode duel cup held on Sunday 5th of August at 15:30 CET. If you are interested, you can SIGN UP! We`d like to welcome all participants to chat via #cpmduel channel on Quakenet and everyone to spectate on stream. Rules are almost the same as last time. One new thing is actually going to take place at the tournament. I would like to implement some sort of ranking system which is discussed bellow. GL&HF

Main information
Date and time:
Check-in: in #cpmduel channel
System: double elimination, best of three
Map pool: cpm3a, cpm15, cpm22, cpm24, cpm1a, pukka3tourney2, industrial
Admins: /img/flags/Lithuania.png eThaD, /img/flags/Finland.png gaiia


Cooke`s stream

Stream - PNSTV

Ranking: Since now every player receive points according to result he achieved in a particular #cpmduelcup. From these points i want to make ranking system for better seeding, more motivation, hall of fame and for other purposes. More information will be aviable as soon as i work it out:)

Links: Q3 PRO Installer, How to install CPMA, CPMA wiki, Q3A map archive, #cpmduel
/img/icons/esr.png Original post

#1 Memphis on 12:02, 07 Aug 2012 - Reply to #0
awesome cup, looking forward for that ranking : D ggs!
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