Posted by Sylver 17:32, 08 Aug 2015

After polls and Doodles, it's time to get to the serious business. It's now settled, the fun is calling you for some awesome CPMA CTFS action on 16th of August (Sunday), around 20:00 CEST.

As this is a draft cup, some time will be allocated to build the teams, but this shouldn't take long as teams will be of 3-4 max (CTFS is meant to be 3v3).

The real format will still depend on the amount of people that show up, with a minimum of 4 teams to really make something. The primary goal is to make sure everyone is having a good time and that people play as many games as possible. We will then preferably go for a round robin instead of a double elimination bracket. A grand final is to be expected for a nice ending.

Format and map pool still are open to discussion/changes.

We will be waiting for you on IRC @ #ctfsdraft.

Date: 16th of August
Check-in: 20:00 CEST (captains will volunteer while checking-in)
Teams assembling: 20:30 CEST (will be done with a Goodle Doc file + IRC)
Games start: 21:00 CEST
Possible cup formats
4-7 teams: full round-robin bo3 + grand final with top2 bo5
8+ teams: 2 groups with round-robin bo3 + short bracket with top2 of each group bo5
Round-robin rules:
Point-based ranking: 2 points for the winner of the match and 1 point per map won (even if the team lost the match)
Tied-teams: Captains will have to provide the scores for each map (use the auto screenshot in case you forget). Scores difference will be used to seperate tied teams. If teams are still tied, we will consider the winner of the match between the 2 tied teams. If no solution can be found, we can consider playing a last match between the teams.
Map pool
q3wcp23, q3wcp16, ojfc-05, ojfc-9, tsdocks, q3ctf4, ump3ctf4
Maybe/To discuss: ojfc-07, ojfc-14
Map selection process:
BO3: cointoss, drop, drop, pick, pick, drop, drop
BO5: cointoss, drop, drop, pick, pick, pick, pick
Downloads: 3-wave pack (several links available on the page), ojfc pack, ump3ctf4, ts-docks
/img/flags/Germany.png roboty -; password lobstarz
/img/flags/Germany.png lazery -; password lobstarz
/img/flags/Germany.png almostly-; password lobstarz
Many thanks to /img/flags/Sweden.png snapcase for equipping and providing his servers!
/img/flags/Netherlands.png snapcase #1 -
/img/flags/Sweden.png snapcase #2 -
/img/flags/Sweden.png snapcase #3 -
Games have to be played using the CTFSPUB ruleset, remember to callvote mode CTFSPUB when starting.
No cheating of course, would barely help anyway.
To keep the game fair, it is forbidden to suicide the whole team to deny the flag touch point to the other team (giving 2 points instead of potentially 3). If such thing happens and if the team wins the map, the map will be entirely replayed. More severe measures can be taken if it happens too often.

Alpha - bronze, oranje, DEZ
Bravo - b5k, phil, veliarS
Charlie - santile, Terifire, BialyEdek
Delta - myT, Bjarke, empish
Echo - Sab0o, erhiy, Sylver
Foxtrot - gaiia, xero, cold
Golf - neverGreen, eThaD, pu1
Final Standings
[avatar=goldcup] Bravo - /img/flags/United_Kingdom.png b5k, /img/flags/Russia.png phil, /img/flags/Russia.png veliarS
[avatar=silvercup] Delta - /img/flags/Switzerland.png myT, /img/flags/Denmark.png Bjarke, /img/flags/Sweden.png empish, /img/flags/Canada.png oranje (empish's sub)
[avatar=bronzecup] Charlie - /img/flags/Spain.png santile, /img/flags/Netherlands.png Terifire, /img/flags/Poland.png BialyEdek, /img/flags/United_Kingdom.png Sab0o (Terifire's sub)

Streams: TBA (Feel free to propose your help)
Admins: /img/flags/France.png Sylver, /img/flags/Switzerland.png myT, TBA...
Links: /img/icons/mirc.png #ctfsdraft
/img/icons/esr.png Original post, Some demos