Posted by Sylver 19:17, 02 Apr 2015

Hello everyone! Since our community is dying this is probably one of the last /img/icons/CPMA.png cpma cups ever:) However I am sure there will be plenty of Reflex cups soon so if you don't have it yet, you might wanna give it a shot. Anyway basic info about the tourney is bellow, everything is as usual. We starts on Saturday 11th of April at 16:00!

Main Information
Date and time: 11th of April, 16:00 CEST, Check-in starts 30 minutes in advance (15:30)
Cup page: Page
Sign up: Signup! | signup format: <playername> (<playername>/<teammatename>)
System: double elimination, best of three with best of three grand final
Map pool: cpm25
, cpm29
, cpm16
, xfdm2
, ztn3dm1
Admin: /img/flags/Czech_Republic.png neverGreen

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