Posted by Sylver 16:15, 30 Jul 2014

/img/flags/Switzerland.png myT has just released his new /img/icons/CPMA.png CPMA frag movie, Cow ProMode.

Quote by myT
Cow ProMode is a CPMA fragmovie featuring my bovine Quake friends and myself.It is my second fragmovie, the first one being Quake - The Moohvie.

Files/Stream Info
Length: 12m 41s
Google Drive/YouTube: Up to 1920x1280, 30 FPS
Hi-res DL: 1920x1080, 60 FPS, H264/FLAC, 1.30 GB
Lo-res DL: 1280x 720, 60 FPS, H264/FLAC, 725 MB

Featured Players
/img/flags/United_States_of_America.png erhiy for one funny incident
/img/flags/Germany.png farnish
/img/flags/United_States_of_America.png gramz
/img/flags/United_States_of_America.png Hehateme
/img/flags/Switzerland.png myT
/img/flags/United_Kingdom.png Sab0o
/img/flags/France.png Sylver
/img/flags/Netherlands.png Terifire
/img/flags/Norway.png tomator for another funny incident

Extra: Extra: Mirror list, full credits & info, Q3MME config, demos, screenshots, etc
Teaser: Cow ProMode teaser page

Stream: Google Drive / YouTube
Download: Maverick - 720p | Maverick - 1080p | Others download on the original ESR post

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