Posted by Sylver 15:54, 02 May 2014

Hello Quakers, we would like to bring forward the first season of the X-League. The X-League will be the first genuine Cross-Atlantic League in CPMa. It will be a Draft Style, 4v4 CTF league. The idea behind this league is to integrate the teams to represent both European, and North American players.

Players list: Current players list

Please read the rules and if you have any questions contact /img/flags/Greece.png Kwong:
  1. This will be a league spread out over several weeks, the exact number of weeks will depend on the amount of sign-ups.
  2. All League matches will be played on Sunday in the given week, times will be posted when finalized.
  3. All league matches will be a Best of Two (BO2).
  4. All league matches will be played on both European, and North American servers.
  5. All teams MUST draft a minimum of one (1) player from the opposite region.
  6. All teams MUST play a minimum of one (1) player from the opposite region per map. For example, one North American player must play on a European Server, and vice-versa.
  7. Each week a map will be selected as the Map Of The Week. The teams will then play that specified map twice once on an EU server and then on a NA server. The combined scores from the two (2) games will be added together to produce a winner of the match. To illustrate this, please look at this example: It is Team A vs. Team B, Team A wins 3-2 on the European server, Team B wins 4-0 on North American server. Team B would win by a score of 6-3. However, TIES CAN OCCUR, say for example if Team A wins 3-2 on European server, and Team B wins 3-2 on North American server. The teams would TIED 5-5.
  8. Standings will be updated weekly, Three Points (3) are awarded given for a win. One Point (1) for a tie. Zero Points(0) for a loss.
  9. Once again, I will repeat that ALL MATCHES will be played on both servers. If you draft only euros with 1 North America player, be prepared to play with 3 players, with 100+ ping, on the North American server.
  10. The servers used for pickups in both region,s or the closest servers geographically between Europe and North American will be used, that is, Europeans will not be forced to play on South-Central, or Western servers, and North American players will not be forced to play on Russian servers.

Playoffs: At the end of the regular season the top four teams will play in a single elimination, playoff bracket in order to determine the Season One Winner of the X-League.

Cheating: All forms of cheating (aimhack, wallhack, aliasing) are prohibited, and will result in an immediate ban, and replacement.

Rule Interpretation: Admins have final say over the interpretation of the rules, and can unilaterally enforce a course of action if it has not been explicitly covered in the rules.

Captains list

Tournament information
The selection process (or The Draft) will take place 17:00 CEST, 10 May 2014 before first match-day scheduled for 17:00 CEST, 11 May 2014.

Sign-up procedure
Players will sign up to be eligible for the Live Draft, from today, until the draft starts, from which the admins will select the captains. The captains will be picked on skill, and experience, and they will select their teams from the remaining player base.
To sign up for the Live Draft, please contact /img/flags/Greece.png Kwong, or /img/flags/United_States_of_America.png nzm, via #Xleague, on
Please include your alias, location, and position of play (attack? defence?).

The Draft
All players that have signed up and want to play must check in for the draft. This is the mandatory check-in process.
All players who wish to play must be signed up ahead of time, and must check-in via IRC. Players who sign up, and do not attend the Live Draft, will be added to the sub list and may or may not get a chance to play.
All teams are encouraged to have subs, to ensure they can always field a full team every week.
The pre-selected captains will have voice (“+”) in the channel, and the channel will be moderated. Each captain will have setup their own IRC channel, and once selected by a captain, the player MUST go to that captain’s channel. Captains communicate with admins and schedule games with other captains.

Match times will be posted shortly, and throughout the season.

Servers list
The following servers are ready to played on, and more will be added before the tournament begins:
/img/flags/Germany.png roboty @;password lobstarz
/img/flags/Germany.png lazery @;password lobstarz
/img/flags/Netherlands.png RU8? @;password
/img/flags/Netherlands.png Everyday I’m Shovellin @
/img/flags/Sweden.png Granis @;password bender
/img/flags/United_Kingdom.png Bosstour @
/img/flags/United_States_of_America.png NYC (East) @

The map list will be posted once the Live Draft is completed. Standard CTF maps will be used, no surprises?! ;)

/img/flags/Greece.png Kwong
/img/flags/United_States_of_America.png nzm
/img/flags/United_States_of_America.png hehateme1
/img/flags/United_States_of_America.png nineX

Stream: Ready Up Radio

Links: /img/icons/mirc.png #xleague, /img/icons/mirc.png #cpmpickup, /img/icons/mirc.png #uscpmpickup, /img/icons/mirc.png #promode
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