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CPM movements competition

You are invited to participate in a competition to see who has the best moves in CPM! The winner of this competition will not be decided on frags but on moves and style. In order to participate, you must submit a single demo using the CPMA mod, with CPM gameplay mechanics, and on a map from the official CPMA map pack between 30 and 60 seconds in length. All demos must be submitted by March 2, 2014. Please see below for more details and specific rules.

Map pool
Any map within the official CPMA map pack! For the official map pack, go HERE.

How will my demo be judged?
You have 30 to 60 seconds to showcase your movement skills and style. We encourage participants to be as creative as possible. While the difficulty and novelty of tricks will garner more points, please also consider the "flow" of your demos. The idea is to showcase not only your own movement skills and style, but also what CPM movement is capable of.
A panel of judges will rate your demo based on the following criteria (from 0-10, with 10 being the best!):
  1. Difficulty: The more difficult the tricks/moves, the higher the points!
  2. Execution: Few or no mistakes present in the demo equals more points!
  3. Usefulness: Tricks that can be very useful in an actual match will receive more points!
  4. Transitioning: The smooth transition of each trick to subsequent tricks will receive more points!

/img/flags/United_States_of_America.png Apheleon
/img/flags/United_States_of_America.png Ninex_
/img/flags/United_States_of_America.png Pakalolo
/img/flags/Spain.png Santile
More to be announced. Please contact us if you’re interested in judging!

  1. Participant must submit a single demo between 30 seconds and 60 seconds in length.
  2. Demo must be on an "official" CPMA map (i.e., any map included in the CPMA map pack). For the official map pack, go HERE.
  3. Weapons are allowed.
  4. No scripts, no bots, no timescaling, no demo cutting, no aliasing, et cetera.. Your movement should be entirely unassisted.
  5. All demos should be submitted to before March 2, 2014 12:00AM GMT.

Can I use weapons?
Yes, use whatever weapons you want!
Can self-damage and fall-damage be turned off?
Yes, it can be turned off.
Can judges submit demos?
Yes, but judges will not be allowed to judge their own demos.
What if I submit a demo that is shorter than 30 seconds or longer than 60 seconds? Am I disqualified or is there a penalty?
For every FULL second short of 30 seconds or longer than 60 seconds, points will be deducted from the demo’s ratings. However, allowance will be given in the event a demo is 29.5 seconds or 60.5 seconds (i.e., no points will be deducted). You may want to use myT’s UDT cutting tool (here) or QLDT (here) to trim your demo to the exact length/segment you want to submit.
Are Threewave maps allowed?
No, they are excluded. However, we might consider holding a second competition with a different map pool!
Can I submit multiple demos?
No, just one per participant. Also, aliasers will be disqualified if they attempt to avoid this rule.
What if I submit a demo and then decide I want to replace it with another demo, can I?
Yes, but please include in your email that the new submission is your FINAL submission. Your previous submission will be deleted prior to being reviewed by the panel of judges.
Can the demo include frags?
Yes, but they will not count towards the demo’s rating.

Links & info
#promode @
#cpmpickup @
#uscpmpickup @

Thanks to /img/flags/Switzerland.png myT and /img/flags/Finland.png mew for feedback and ideas. =)

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