Posted by Sylver 23:10, 20 Oct 2013

Here is an interesting post made by adem, from the community. (/img/icons/esr.png Source)

It’s been a long time since the last /img/icons/CPMA.png Q3 Promode tournament with actual prize pool (as in ’more then 20 bucks’) took place. Some smaller cups occurred from time to time, mostly for pure fun and enjoyment, which is basically all one can expect from Promode in 2013. Tears have been shed about the grim future of Promode, glorious fights that have been fought, great time we’ve had and so little hope we had left over the past few years. The times have changed and brought ’pure’ shooters to a mostly stuttering position, with little of new players’ inflow, communities fracturing or disappearing, and Promode has suffered the full extent of it.

While there have been some wild attempts to revive Promode, to some success, with the last developers dropping CPMA development it seems to be no longer possible. In the end, however, all comes down to playing the game you like and having the enjoyment of beating someone with your skill. It may not be possible to make our favourite game big once again but there is a breed of new players playing along with old ones still enjoying it.

That is why during last summer meeting we, /img/flags/Russia.png community, decided to organize a worthy tournament with a prize pool to spice up the challenge and make things a bit more interesting once more. We talked over the current state of the scene and realized that teammodes would probably not get enough teams signed up, so we stayed with the idea of managing a pure 1v1 event. Most of people still involved in community donated so this is where it kicks in.

All players are welcome to participate. Older 1v1 veterans are encouraged to flex some muscles and get in. We hope /img/flags/United_States_of_America.png U.S. & /img/flags/Canada.png Canada players would consider participating as well.

Prize pool $1400
/img/icons/goldcup.png 1st place - $450
/img/icons/silvercup.png 2nd place - $350
/img/icons/bronzecup.png 3rd place - $250
4th place - $150
5th-8th place - $50

All prizes are currently being given out via PayPal only.
Tournament system
1. 1st Qualification - Best Of Three, Double Elimination, 3rd of November.
2. 2nd Qualification - Best Of Three, Double Elimination, 9th of November.
3. Each Qualification determines 4 players advancing to Finals for a total of 8 players.
4 more players are pre-invited before the Qualifications and don’t have to qualify for the finals. The pre-invited players are: /img/flags/Bulgaria.png HAL_9000, /img/flags/Finland.png gaiia, /img/flags/Lithuania.png eThaD, /img/flags/Spain.png memphis. Another 4 players are invited by the tournament organizers to enter the Finals after the Qualification stage ends.
4. Finals - Best Of Three, Double Elimination; Grand Final - Best Of Five, 23rd of November.
Map pool
- cpm15
- cpm22
- cpm24
- cpm3a
- pukkat2

Map picking order: winner of coin-toss picks his map first. In a case of tie match the player with least frags on two maps bans one of the remaining maps first. Weapon respawn times: default respawn times for each map.
Servers list
Pings of dueling players should not differ by more than 30 ms:;password lobstarz;password lobstarz;password cpmduel;password cpmduel; password cpmduel; password cpmduel; password cpmduel;password bender;password bender;password bender;password bender; password ninemil
/img/flags/Finland.png gaiia /img/flags/Lithuania.png ethad /img/flags/Czech_Republic.png nevergreen /img/flags/Russia.png dez /img/flags/Russia.png godzie


Stream: NoProblemTV (if you are interested in streaming, please contact with admins in IRC)
Links: /img/icons/mirc.png #masterscup