Posted by Sylver 08:12, 15 Oct 2013

#CPMDUEL channel brings you another dose of promode action in the form of /img/icons/CPMA.png 14th cpma challenge promode duel cup held on 17th of October at 17:30:00 CET. If you are interested, you can SIGN UP! We’d like to welcome all participants to chat via #cpmduel channel on Quakenet and everyone to spectate (hopefully there’s gonna be a stream available). We’ll remind you that ranking system is working already and you can check it here (NEWS->RANKINGS). Rules are the same as last time. GL&HF !

Date and time: 17th of October, 17:30 CET
Check-in: 17:00 CET in #cpmduel channel
System: full double elimination, best of three
Map pool: cpm3a, cpm15, cpm22, cpm24, eizdm4-15, pukka3tourney2, hektik
Admins: /img/flags/Czech_Republic.png neverGreen and /img/flags/Spain.png Memphis

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