Posted by Sylver 11:03, 15 Aug 2012

As announced on the 11th #cpmduel cup, we just released the Rankings system on the website.

For the time beeing, only the #cpmduel cups rankings is available, but more rankings can be created if needed.
About this first ranking, you can find more details on the page, like used values, rules etc.

As you can see, this is not the only changement on the website, left column disappeared, and we`ve not found it yet. So the menu went on the top bar, and the other parts on the right. Great, more space for the main content !

The menu has been organized in 5 parts (+login).

  1. News: Everything related to the activity of CPMA, News, Tourneys, Streams and Rankings.
  2. Misc: Every media content or useful links for CPMA; Servers, IRC, Quotes, Maps etc.
  3. Guides: Guides and tutorials, like Installation, FAQ, Tech sheet, and so on.
  4. Communities: Pages for the various communities on CPMA.
  5. Setup: Page for some action on the website, account page, Search page etc.

Expect more changement on the website to come. If you have any suggestion, do not hesitate to share them here by leaving a comment.

#1 amph on 13:10, 17 Aug 2012 - Reply to #0
Looking good! :)
#2 Memphis on 21:36, 20 Aug 2012 - Reply to #1
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