Posted by Sylver 00:52, 13 Jun 2012

It is now time to talk to you about /img/flags/Germany.png Ferdinand `cytyy` List and his job. You probably know him through a map called Fluorescent [ct3ctf2b]. But he has done many other maps for Quake 3 (including CPMA) or Quake Live.

You can browse all his creations thanks to his portfolio: Ferdinand List - Portfolio.

He is currently working a new CPM CTF map and he needs your help for feedbacks. (Download)

You can follow him on /img/icons/twitter.png Twitter.

#1 neverGreen on 19:32, 20 Jun 2012 - Reply to #0
Nice map. U have to set your mapoverbrightbits to "0" though otherwise your eyes will burn...
#2 Sylver on 21:00, 20 Jun 2012 - Reply to #1
Talking about fluorescent, or his new map has the same problem ?
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