Posted by gaiia 16:16, 02 Apr 2012

Please take a minute and fill out the following poll. If your preferred option is not included, please leave a comment and tell us about it.

Note: Multiple answers are allowed.

The poll

#1 Sylver on 19:27, 03 Apr 2012 - Reply to #0
Finally, no Clan War ?
#2 neverGreen on 13:07, 10 Apr 2012 - Reply to #0
What about league?
#3 Sylver on 15:06, 10 Apr 2012 - Reply to #2
It should be interesting, but I`m afraid that many ppl would be so lazy to do all their matches. Does Challonge have a League system, or do you know any free tool on the Web for this purpose ? Btw, add your tourney to this website. ;)
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