Posted by Sylver 23:17, 08 Oct 2016
After a long hiatus the Promode community has revived the classic Challenges duel series. Initially spawned as a platform to place the best duelers in the Promode community against one one another, the latest edition of the cup will look to provide a similar level of excellence as displayed in the very early 2000s. Challenges-EU 2016 is a European open duel cup, that will be played on 17:00 BST, 8 October 2016. This will be a single-elimination tournament, with all matches consisting of one best-of-three (BO3) game. The Grand Finals will be played as a best-of-five. To play please sign-up via Challonge, and join the Challenges-EU 2016 Discord server.
Promotional video

/img/flags/Switzerland.png myT
/img/flags/Czech_Republic.png neverGreen
/img/flags/Canada.png xero
/img/flags/United_States_of_America.png gramz
/img/flags/Latvia.png lisk
/img/flags/United_States_of_America.png nifwl
cpm3a (wr 15)
cpm15 (wr 15)
cpm22 (wr 5)
cpm24 (wr 5)
eizdm4 (wr 5) (Download)
hektik (wr 5) (Download)
pukka3tourney2 (wr 5) (Download)
Participation: To participate in this tournament, players are expect to register via challonge, and are required to join the Challenges-EU 2016 Discord server.
Map Selection: Flip a coin (callvote random 2h/t). Winner chooses first map. Loser chooses second map. If a third map is required, the loser of the cointoss will drop a map from the reminder of the map pool first, then the winner of the coin toss will drop a map, repeat until there is one map left. The map selection process will be as follows: +pick(winner), +pick(loser), +drop(loser), +drop(winner), +pick.
Map Selection for Grand Finals: For the Grand Finals, which is BO5, players will flip a coin, starting with the winner of the cointoss the map selection process will be as follows: +pick(winner), +pick(loser), +pick(winner) +pick(loser), +drop(loser), +drop(winner), +pick.
Server Selection: Players may play on any server they choose, however, this is European tournament, and European servers will have priority. In cross-Atlantic matches, we recommend the follow: NA vs. EU-W to play oN EU-W. NA vs. EU-Central to play on EU-W. NA vs EU-E to play on EU-Central.
Match Start: Player must play their matching within ten (10) minutes of games being assigned.
Match Reporting: After the matches are complete both players are required to submit their results to an admin. Any discrepancies in reported scores will be investigated by admins.
Matches Details: Players must take an end of game screenshot, and a complete demos of all their games. Players can use cg_autoaction 7 to have a demo, and screenshot be automatically recorded by the game. Players must be able to provide demos of their games upon request.
Nick: Your nick on sign-up list should be the one you use on Discord, and in-game. No fakenicks allowed!
Behaviour: Be nice to one another. Excessively flaming other players, spectators, casters, admins or referees will lead to disqualification.
Cheating: Any, and all forms of cheating, or assistance will lead to disqualification.
* Anything not explicitly covered by the above rules will be up to the volition of the admins.
Notice: Players are allow to pick which ever server both players are happy with, however, we do recommend the following servers:
/img/flags/Germany.png eX CPMA #01 |
/img/flags/Germany.png eX CPMA #02 |
/img/flags/Netherlands.png snapcase |
/img/flags/Sweden.png snapcase |
/img/flags/Sweden.png snapcase |
/img/flags/United_Kingdom.png BOSSTOUR |
/img/flags/United_Kingdom.png lazery |
/img/flags/United_Kingdom.png roboty |
Prize Pool
/img/flags/United_States_of_America.png SyncError & id Software -- 1 Copy of DOOM (2016) PC & Demon Multiplayer Pack (
/img/flags/Canada.png bgs -- 4 Copies of Wand Wars (
/img/flags/United_States_of_America.png naper -- 13.29 CAD
/img/flags/Spain.png santile -- 5.00 EUR
/img/flags/Canada.png xero -- 50.00 CAD
/img/flags/United_Kingdom.png onion -- 5.00 GBP
/img/flags/Finland.png Kyto -- 15.00 EUR
/img/flags/Finland.png gaiia -- 50.00 EUR
/img/flags/Australia.png JS3 -- 60.00 CAD
/img/flags/Latvia.png lisk -- 10.00 CAD
/img/flags/Russia.png anon -- 50.00 CAD
/img/flags/Czech_Republic.png neverGreen -- 10.00 CAD
/img/flags/United_Kingdom.png Lasker -- 50.00 CAD
/img/flags/United_Kingdom.png skint -- 30.00 CAD
/img/flags/Russia.png Leshaka -- 25.00 CAD
/img/flags/United_Kingdom.png ddk -- 20.00 CAD
/img/flags/Germany.png ZAPDO:S1 -- 15.00 CAD
/img/flags/Russia.png EKSelenc -- 5.00 CAD
/img/flags/United_States_of_America.png pcfs -- 40.00 CAD
/img/flags/Canada.png tomzissou -- 20.00 CAD
/img/flags/Slovakia.png KIMI|AHK -- 27.00 CAD
/img/flags/United_States_of_America.png lolograde -- 25.00 CAD
/img/flags/Russia.png jud4s -- 74.00 CAD
Please donate via PayPal if you can.
Prize Pool distribution
1st -- 45.0% + 1 Copy of DOOM (2016) PC & Demon Multiplayer Pack
2nd -- 30.0%
3rd -- 17.5%
4th -- 7.5%
5th - 8th -- Copy of Ward Wars for Windows via Steam.
Tournament Format
Tournament Format: Single Elimination.
Match Format: BO3, BO5 Grand Finals.
Tournament Schedule
Tournament Date: Saturday Oct. 8, 2016.
Tournament Check-in Time : 16:00 BST
Tournament Start Time: 17:00 BST

Links: Sign-Up, /img/icons/CPMA.png, CPMA Discord, Challenges-EU 2016 Discord
Streams: /img/flags/United_Kingdom.png ZLive, /img/flags/Russia.png Team 102
Donate: PayPal Link.
Orignal posts: /img/icons/esr.png Announcement, Storylines