Posted by Sylver 22:47, 04 Nov 2014

/img/icons/mirc.png #cpmduel crew is hosting another /img/icons/CPMA.png challenge promode #cpmduel NEWBIES cup. This cup is intended for people inexperienced with cpm, people who are curious to try it and people who are in cpm for a short period of time or their skill is low. This cup is not intended for Warsow or Quake3/QL/QW veterans who are new to CPM nor for medium skilled cpma players! It's aimed towards european players so matches will be played on euro servers. Registration will be opened 30 minutes in advance of the tournament (8th November, 17:00 CET). If you want to play make sure you're on IRC in #cpmduel channel on QuakeNet. If you need any help with installing and settings, just ask in #cpmduel channel.

Main informations
Date and time: 17:30 CET, 8 November 2014
Signups&checkin: starts at 17:00 cet in #cpmduel channel
Rules: Challenge Promode 1.48, Double elimination, best of three, maps are decided by coin-toss (callvote random 2 -> winner decide whos map is going to be played first).
Maplist: cpm24
, cpm3a
, cpm22
, cpm1a
, pukka3tourney2
Admins: /img/flags/Czech_Republic.png neverGreen and /img/flags/Russia.png es

Links: Cup page, CPMA website, Q3A map archive, /img/icons/mirc.png #cpmduel, /img/icons/esr.png Original post