Posted by gaiia 20:24, 10 Apr 2012

Many of you know the maps such "shaman&dragon", "Chlorophyl", "Unbalanced" and "Rushed". But do you know anything about the author?

He is /img/flags/Germany.png Philipp `acid` Geulen. He has just released his new CPM 1v1 map called "Interstellar Waltz".

`This news might make the CPM crowd happy: Today I finished a completely new duel map using a very neat texture set from Hourences. Size is small, so gameplay should be fast paced. Expect a warsow release within the next weeks.`

Expect this map to appear in future duel cups!

#1 Sylver on 21:56, 10 Apr 2012 - Reply to #0
Nice work. But honestly, I prefer the previous version, when the mh was on the high&tiny platform. The map was truly faster than now. Furthermore, ramp jumps are less efficient now. But if that`s your choice acid.
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